Case Studies
Totalamber is taking full responsibility for the Support and Enhancement of Kelowna Flightcraft’s M3 system, delivering an upgrade to the latest version of M3 and re-engineering business processes to build a digital MRO business.
Totalamber has been engaged with Seadrill on initiatives to improve the performance and usability of IFS and to also provide support services to undertake root cause analysis of issues and ensuring Seadrill rigs remain operational.
Totalamber is engaged by HUF to project manage and deliver the rollout of M3 into their Chinese sites. Totalamber is providing a team of Chinese M3 experts to implement M3 and incorporate local market modifications into the blueprint.
Totalamber is providing key members of the implementation team delivering a global rollout of Lawson Infor M3 to Getinge’s global sites and operational businesses.
Totalamber and MedImmune developed a tripartite arrangement with IFS. Totalamber provided 1st and 2nd line support pending migration of the IFS environment to SAP, freeing up internal resources to work on the migration assignment.
Totalamber established an on-site IFS Support team for Semco in Manila. This team was responsible for providing 1st line and 2nd line support and delivering proactive business process realignment for the Semco ERP environment.
Totalamber provided a number of key functional and technical M3 consultants to manage and deliver the rollout of the M3 ERP application to a number of global sites, integrating local market modifications into each local implementation.
Totalamber is responsible for the rollout and implementation team delivering M3 to a number sites including China and North America. Totalamber is providing the senior technical and functional M3 consultants with local language skills.
Totalamber is responsible for the support and enhancement of Churchill China’s IFS system. Delivering 1st and 2nd line support along with development services to add new functionality, Totalamber is improving the user experience of IFS.
Totalamber was originally responsible for the design of the program of work to rollout IFS to a number of sites. Following go live of the first site, Totalamber is now responsible for the project management of remaining sites.
Totalamber identified changes to the Damen IFS environment to enhance and improve performance, usability and functionality, including architectural recommendations on the IFS instance structure to support global interoperation.
Working on site in Kabul, Totalamber’s Senior IFS MRO Consultants have assisted in the re-engineering of IFS MRO functionality in readiness for the handover of operations to the Afghan Air Force.
Totalamber undertook an IFS functionality review and assessment to enhance key IFS modules and provide recommendations on changes to enable APPH to improve usability and performance of their IFS system.
Totalamber was responsible for the design and delivery of the rollout of IFS into a number of sites. Providing project management expertise and key functional consultants, Totalamber implemented IFS successfully into a number of sites.
Metso’s M3 system was close to critical failure. Totalamber provided onsite expertise within 24 hours to mitigate critical issues and maintain business operations of Metso. Totalamber remained on site for 8 months to enhance M3.
Totalamber provides 24/7 Global 1st & 2nd Line Support for ShawCor’s IFS system and is responsible for root cause analysis of issues to improve performance and usability of IFS, delivering process changes to improve user productivity.
Totalamber worked with Linamar to identify improvements to their IFS implementation, shortlisting new software applications to enhance functionality and service delivery to stakeholders and fully integrate new applications into the IFS environment.
Totalamber worked with Hertel to modify their IFS system to separate business entities from the IFS integrated application, re-implementing segregation of duties for the realigned system and the implementation of SEPA functionality.
Totalamber was engaged by this leading retailer to improve supply chain, stock control and sales forecasting, re-engineering processes and realigning M3 configuration to enhance functionality, performance and usability.
Totalamber has been providing reactive and proactive 1st and 2nd line M3support for over three years maintaining the system, mitigating critical issues and delivering system enhancements to improve usability and performance of M3.
Totalamber provides reactive 1st line support services to Dublin Ports for their M3 system. Acting as an insurance policy when key resources are off sick or on holiday, Totalamber is always available, ready to dive in when needed.
Totalamber delivers 1st and 2nd line proactive and reactive IFS support to Burnside Autos. Following an assessment of their IFS system, Totalamber identified a roadmap of improvements to enhance the performance and usability of IFS.
ICC are Totalamber’s first Microsoft client in Sri Lanka. Totalamber is responsible for business process analysis and configuration into a Dynamics NAV environment. Totalamber’s Microsoft Certified team are delivering this project.
Totalamber was responsible for the validation of the common solution for the global rollout and implementation of M3. After assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the blueprint, Totalamber assisted site readiness and delivery.
Totalamber worked with BMW to identify how they could implement security improvements through segregation of duties and developing additional functionality to enhance their IFS implementation and improve usability.
Engaged by Manchester Solutions for over three years to provide ERP support services, Totalamber provided an insurance policy when staff are unavailable, Totalamber has provided reactive 1st line support services ensuring availability.
Working for First Group for over ten years, Totalamber provided continuous system improvement and development services designed to improve the provision of information services to key business stakeholders.
During a period of transition to a new ERP system, Totalamber provided support services to maintain business continuity for Pinguin whilst key Subject Matter Experts were engaged on the migration to a new ERP system.
Totalamber provided support services to Del Monte prior to their migration to a new ERP system. Moving away from M3, Del Monte required business as usual continuity support whilst their subject matter experts were re-assigned.
Totalamber have been engaged by ESAB for over 5 years on their global rollout of M3. Providing a large number of functional experts, Totalamber worked closely with the management team to scale resource use according to project demands.
Totalamber undertook a detailed evaluation of Partnertech’s IFS environment. Using tools, such as PULSE and SNA, we provided a detailed assessment of strengths and weaknesses, delivering a roadmap for improvement.
Totalamber delivered a detailed assessment of supply chain operations, sales forecasting & warehouse operations, reconfiguring M3 to incorporate process change. Recommendations delivered performance and cost improvements.
Totalamber was engaged by Robert Wiseman Dairies to enhance their M3 ERP system through the provision of specialist functional M3 consultants who guided the organisation on strategic improvements to enhance performance and usability.
Totalamber was engaged by Scott Bader to turn around a failing M3 implementation project. Totalamber identified areas of weakness and engaged specialist M3 functional consultants to revive the project and successfully deliver M3 to the business.
Totalamber has been working with Konecranes to improve the timescales to rollout their ERP system to new sites. Using Totalamber’s Rollout Methodology and Site Readiness Assessment, Totalamber expects to speed up on site implementation.